August 31st, 2005

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Translating Identity Conference

Back by popular demand, Free To Be, the University of Vermont's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Alliance is proud to announce the fourth annual Translating Identity Conference at the University of Vermont on February 25th and 26th 2006!

Translating Identity is a FREE conference focusing on gender and gender identities. Open to the public, this event hopes to reach out the University of Vermont, the Burlington community, and the nation as a whole to educate us all further about transgender issues. With multiple panels to choose from at any time, some panels will be directed towards trans people and others will be for those who are fairly unfamiliar with the transgender movement and the topic of gender identity. This conference seeks to translate gender identity to both the queer community and its allies.

Registration and attendance are FREE although registration will not open until December 15th 2005. Optional meal tickets are available for $5, though no one will go hungry for lack of funds. Since space is limited, the TIC committee asks all attendees to reserve your spot by registering online at

The TIC Committee is currently accepting proposal submissions for workshops, talks, and other presentations. There are three ways to submit a session proposal. You can download the proposal submission form as a Microsoft Word Document (.doc) or as an Adobe file (.pdf), both located on the website, to print out and snail mail to us, or you can use the online form, also located on the website. You only need to complete one of these options.

Please forward this message to all listserves, groups, and individuals you think might be interested in submitting a proposal or attending.

Translating Identity Conference
February 24th-26th 2006