August 22nd, 2005

a fine day for femmonade

so many known and unknown people came to visit the femmonade stand this weekend, despite the fact that it was a tad bit chilly. it was fantastic to soak up so much lady-energy, make a few bucks for cheap makeup, and smile until my face hurt. thank you very much to everyone who stopped by, everyone who lent a hand, and all of you who were there in spirit. expect more femme shenanigans in the future.

a few highlights from the femmonade stand:

1. i didn't pour one damn glass of lemonade all day. instead, when customers came, i either let them take it for free or i told them, "leave your money on the table. there's the cups. the pitcher has a handle."

2. wooden spoons.

3. "your daddy's coming! no, really. your daddy's coming."

4. my shoes had their own photo shoot. a couple of times.

5. agenthandy's rack was out cash register. she surprised us all by making exact change.

6. girls from santa cruz! you are so cute!

7. you will find photographic evidence in

8. too tired to think of anything else.

9. yay!