August 21st, 2005


RL insult & non-X-tian forgiveness

This is a question partially spawned by the past conversations & partially from my own life.

Since "forgiveness" can be an annoying word & concept (a should forced on people), I'm using it as "re- centering one's self, breaking away from the insult & moving on"

I have my own answer, but I'm curious...

How do people "forgive" someone in *off-line* life who judged them negatively on a sore "ism" spot? I'm only meaning people who we deal with on a face-to-face basis, who put us down (maybe publicly, maybe privately) but who we will be dealing again with later.

I'm also meaning it in context of someone who is an ally in other areas - or perhaps even a friend, intimate, well-liked acquaintance (someone who can't be brushed off easily as "the enemy" or "a jerk"