August 18th, 2005

China is facing up to the AIDS problem but...?

This should get interesting, considering the Nile seems to have been running right through China in the past fifty years. I have NO idea why they titled it "too many men" O_o?;

Here is the artical from the correct url link. Japundit screwed up a bit.

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I'm just now giggling over the "graduate homosexual course" line. I really need more coffee and to get to my class. I want to see the t-shirts spawned by that!
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Femme Conference 2006!

Femme2006: Conversations and Explorations is seeking submissions! This multi-threaded conference will take place August 4-6, 2006 in Oakland, CA. The not-for-profit, communtiy building conference is being organized by a committee of eleven femmes from across the US from many different walks of life. For more information about our group, our Mission Statement, and the conference, please visit us at

Below please find our Call for Submissions, which we request you post on your website/list and send out to any email lists, websites, or other folks you think would be interested.  You can also check out our website,, if you have questions or want to know more about us.

Help us spread the word, join us at femme2006, and please do join us in Oakland next August!


Jessica Eve Humphrey
Conference Coordinator

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rek 2007
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my money's on...

This came up at work today, and I instantly thought of this community.

Femmes vs. Bears Roller Derby.

Who's your money on?

And how great would that be?

EDIT: We were imagining wax-strips being involved :)

cause i think y'all are smart

and i have been thinking about this a lot lately:

i would like some feedback from beyond just the ftm and trans (and queer) community that i have contact with on this for my own edification. how you position yourself relationally to that community (ally, member, what-have-you) would be welcome info in this answer, but at your discretion of course.

1) how do y'all feel about the term 'transensual' or 'trans-sensual'?

1a) as an identity? as a modifying adjective to an identity?

2) do you feel that this term is different in essence from that of 'tranny chaser'? why?

sorry that i am not up to par with the usual clever posters. i simply don't have 5 questions, but then again, it's not quite friday either.

edited to say : how rude of me to ask for other people's positions and then not to disclose my own. wow. i suppose i was expecting mind reading at this late hour.

some of what i am is : a queer, poor, femme, daddy, ftm gentleman of color (with light-skin privilege). i do not mind being chased nor even objectified on occasion, as long as there has been some serious thought and decent analysis given to the whole matter by both parties. (or as long as i think you are terminally hot and there is no chance that i will ever see you again.) for the record i am quite unfond of the terms used in the first question.
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