August 17th, 2005

red hot femmonade stand

this weekend, for one day only, witness as some of the finest femmes this city has to offer slap on their best 50s housewife drag and present you with their very own version of the lemonade stand: femmonade.

just one dollar gets you a cup of the sauciest lemonade dolores park has to offer. five dollars and a smile might get you the wet t-shirt show. and yes, photo-documentation has been arranged for you wussies too far across the country to nab your own cup of (made from concentrate) femmonade. you'll be there if you know what's good for you.

who: postmaudlin, agenthandy, snallison, and wookiepocket
what: femmonade
where: dolores park, san francisco
when: this sunday the 21st, from 1pm until we get arrested
why: come for the lemonade, stay to carry our stuff back to our cars for us

* all proceeds go towards the purchase of cheap dime store cosmetics.
freedom to marry

Tell Your Story

The ACLU is gathering stories of real same-sex couples from all over the country to put a face on the issue of marriage equality and help change public and legal opinion.

One way to educate the public is for couples to share their experiences of being barred from the personal, social, legal and financial protections and privileges that come with civil marriage. Also, it is wonderful to share the positive stories of couples that have stayed together despite the odds.

Tell your story! Or pass this on to someone you know whose story moves you.

The following is from the ACLU website:

Take Our Couples Survey!

The American Civil Liberties Union is looking for LGBT couples to help us in the fight for marriage equality. Stories of real couples put a face on the issue and help change public and legal opinion. Your stories can compel voters to say "no" to discriminatory state constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage.

We are taking information from all LGBT couples, but would especially like to hear from couples with children, couples who are seniors over age 60, couples who are non-Caucasian, couples in interracial relationships, and couples who can demonstrate harm due to not being able to marry (i.e. denial of hospital visitation, denial of health insurance, challenge of will/estate, etc.). If you are a surviving partner, we also encourage you to respond.

Your name and contact information will be kept safe with us. We may share your general story with advocacy groups such as Human Rights Campaign, Freedom to Marry and others in a combined effort to show America that real gay couples deserve the protection of marriage equality. We will always contact you first for permission if we are interested in using your story for litigation or media purposes.

Thank you for taking this important step to make marriage equal in America.

Click here for the survey!

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