August 15th, 2005

One Happy Couple
  • kubla42

"Butch" and "femme" in gay males...

I'm somewhat intrigued by this whole dichotomy within the lesbian / female queer community. Do we have anything comparable in the gay male community? And, I'm a little bit ignorant, but is it always / usually butch-femme relationships, or is femme-femme and butch-butch common too? I'm just wondering how that relates to the world I'm more familiar with, and what other people may have noticed. Like, we do have nelly queen archetypes, and muscle jocks, but are the relations between the groups similar?
flying monster 2

commenting on communities that are not my own: Monday 5

How do you feel about people (yourself or others) making judgments or interpretations of communities, demographics, or cultures that are not the speaker's own?

(This is immediately prompted by the recent posts on femmes and butch/femme communities and identities and watching some dynamics around in-community vs. not-in-community voices, but I've seen related interactions in this community around various aspects of gender, sexuality, and race.)

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