August 10th, 2005

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hey folks,

i'm looking for short films (or scenes from longer ones) that deal with race and queerness.
this is for anti-racism 101 directed at a mostly white queer audience. stuff that deals with racism in the 'queer community' would be particularly valuable.

thanks for any suggestions!

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Call for submissions: Queer artists......

Call for submissions:

Queer artists in craft, video, text, and 2D.

East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Temporary gallery/event space seeks submissions from
Queer artists of varying genres and mediums to show work.
No space rental fee. Every weekend will see a new, creative
social event. Saturdays will host a series of curated public,
pay what you can events; including:

Queer Craft Fair

Writers Ho-down

Video screening (with popcorn!)

Generating creative social scenarios thru art.

Queer printmakers, painters and illustrators, videomakers and
writers, will all be showcased in this temporary social
experiment located at 71 Troutman, East Williamsburg,
Brooklyn, NY.

Please send your submissions immediately! Send resume,
10 jpgs via email, or on CD, and/or maximum 10 min. of video
on DVD or VHS. In order that we can return your work to you,
please include SASE with sufficient postage.


Or snailmail: Tramp_O_line c/o Praxis
610 Dean St. #1
Brooklyn, NY 11213