August 8th, 2005

Queer film series in NYC / The Aggressives screening again

I'm posting to update on my earlier post about The Aggressives, in which there was some interest. I just learned that Aug 26-28, The New Festival is screening some highlights from this summer's festival in a series at Brooklyn Academy of Music. There are eleven programs total, more info at the link.

ETA: Just got a return e-mail back from the NewFest that while the movie doesn't have a site of its own, it does have a distributor. The link they sent me allows you to contact them about ordering the video. The same person might be able to tell you when it's playing in your city.
mark ryden

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when one identifies as "dyke", to what extent are they inherently identifying as "female"?

[for those who are obsessed with language, i'll let you fill in the blank: "if by 'dyke' you mean _____ and if by 'female' you mean_____"]