August 6th, 2005

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"Rush to judgment feeds Islamophobia"

because i am really fucking tired of seeing "OMG look at those cah-ray-zee f'reigners"; let's in the 'grest west' look at ourselves a bit, shall we?

this editorial pretty well summarizes a number of feelings i've been having lately but have been too distracted to clearly and logically put forth.

Rush to judgment feeds Islamophobia
Gay activists and HRC condemned the Iranian executions before learning the facts, smearing Muslims in the process.
Friday, August 05,

IN THE WAKE of the recent London bombings, the Western world has been propelled into another vicious cycle of revenge against Muslims and the Islamic world.

While mainstream media around the world have more accurately represented the outpouring of condemnation by Muslim organizations and institutions against the attacks in London, the gay and lesbian media in the U.S. have unfortunately succumbed once again to the false belief that Islam condones acts of violence, including suicide bombings, executions of civilians and even the killing of homosexuals.

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