August 3rd, 2005

cat & schmate, glitterville


Gaydar: Do you have it? Do you not have it? What do you look for? What tips you off? How do you get a same-sex date if you don't have that special spidey sense?

I guess I used to have decent gaydar, but then I lived in Provincetown, MA, Land Of The Gays, and the gaydar broke. It has never recovered. I have ended up asking out a ton of straight women and just sort of operate blindly in the gayness department. I can't even tell if I trip anyone else's gaydar, either, although sometimes I think I do. In fact, recently I had a little episode that went like so:

I was working with a recruiter to look for a new job. She is super-gorgeous and impeccably made up, and she has this way of looking at me like she knows me. The combination of her personal style and the sense of familiarity that made me think she was family. Until.....

We were on the phone on a Tuesday, and she reassured me that the company I had just interviewed with was going to get back to her that day. "They know I'm leaving on Thursday."
I had a slight moment of career panic -- "Leaving leaving, or going on vacation?"
"Well, during the summers I do missionary work, so I'll be out of town for a few weeks...."


I suppose there are gay missionaries (probably more than we or they know), but what are the odds? And also, that doesn't really answer my original questions.

What about you-all? Can you tell if someone is "that way?" How does your gaydar change internationally?