July 15th, 2005

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Just a Theory

A while ago I wrote in my journal about sex and love and a whole bunch of other shit just sort of putting my theories out there about why homosexuality isn't wrong and why it is natural...the purpose of it. I think you can find the entry here. So anyway, I was reading Daily Dose of Queer and they had a link to an interesting article. Apparently I'm not the only person thinking this way about the "purpose" of homosexuality. The article can be found here and I will quote the sections that I find particularly appropriate to my little rave this morning:

"It may also enhance same-sex bonding and train the young to form cohesive, purposeful groups (the army and the boarding school come to mind)."

I so like it when a theory isn't compltely based on my own bias and ponderings but may actually have some logic and validity to it. Of course the article also states that homosexuality could simply be nature's way of random culling of the gene pool, which apparently is a good way to optimize a species, be it plant or animal. So I won't stand up and crow too much about this considering we don't really know the purpose of homosexuality, and it's likely far more complex than anyone can understand at this point.

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