July 13th, 2005

community notice

Links Hall Announces Call for Proposals for Queer and Site-Specific Performance

Call for proposals for Duncan Erley Memorial Coming Out of the Closet Fund
Links Hall is accepting proposals for the "Duncan Erley Memorial Coming Out of the Closet Fund" Duncan Erley was an artist who worked in Chicago in the 80's. Multifaceted and loved, he is remembered fondly by his friends who started this fund in his memory. The purpose of this Call for Proposals is to allow artists whose work deals with queerness, spirituality, and gender issues a chance to have a show at Links Hall at a very low to almost no cost. Do you have to be queer to receive this money? No. Therefore, all types of sexual orientations are encouraged to apply.
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Links Hall seeks proposals for site-specific work inside moving vehicles
Links Hall and Seep request proposals for site-specific work inside moving vehicles. Artists may be drivers, passengers, or instigators who are outside the car. Links Hall will serve as a taxi stand from which audiences can catch rides to experience each piece, but the real location will be both inside the car and simultaneously anywhere within driving distance.
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little me

dawkin's queer universe

Did anyone else see the story about Richard Dawkin's speech, where he suggested that the universe might be 'too queer' to understand?
"Successive generations have come to terms with the increasing queerness of the Universe."

Each species, in fact, has a different "reality". They work with different "software" to make them feel comfortable, he suggested. Because different species live in different models of the world, there was a discomfiting variety of real worlds, he suggested.
It's interesting to hear someone famed for their disdain for the supposed vagueries of poststruturalism using this kind of language.