July 10th, 2005


Sex & Art & uptight Americans


This is a link for an Australian photo/interview project that is very cool & that I, and the Aussie "team" would like to see in the US. It is about sexuality and disability - not all the people in it are straight, but many are. I'm posting it here because queers are more sex-positive with better senses of humour than the rest of America and, I'm betting someone might like to see this show at their University or nearby gallery. There is an educational program element that I'm not clear on.

Here is the link, please e-mail them if you'd like more info (for you or to pass on to a department). It is currently touring Australia, has gone to London, & a CA tv station did a documentary on it.


(If you have seen the pict of me naked, wrapped in US flag with one breast hanging out & holding crutcj like rock gutair, it is by Belinda, this photographer. She is straight but super cool and taught me to love Vegimite.

Counter-discursive identity formation

While working on my dissertation I came across the concept of counter-discursive identity formation. It is cited in the article as a Foucaultian concept, but I am not finding where this idea is located in his work or even a concise explanation or citation within the article. I've done my share of Foucault, but can't seem to locate this. It is possible that I am just having a brain-freeze and will come up with the answer in another twenty minutes. Until that happens or in case it doesn't happen, can anyone be of help?