June 25th, 2005


Size Queen needs postqueers

Hey folks,

We're finishing up the first issue of our new zine, Size Queen (for queen size queers and our loyal subjects).

We are seeking answers to the following questions from a wide variety of folks. Tell us your thoughts!

Did you ever picture yourself a different gender or weight than you are now? What was that like?

How would that existence change the privilege you have in the world?

Did you pursue that vision of yourself? If so, how and why?

Or did you create a new vision of your world? What does that look like?

What do you think about crossing lines of weight and gender? What are the personal effects of these transitions? The political effects? The effects on community?

How does trust play into that kind of non-static community?

How does self-acceptance play into it?

How does that journey affect your view and your support of the community, and the community's support of you?