June 20th, 2005


Doing male "drag"

ok, more questions...

I'm presenting my "male self" on stage & I want to look unmistakably male - not just playing a role. I occasionally get "sirred" as is but only by busy strangers who are half looking at me.

My facial bones are very feminine (I have high cheek bones & delicate features). I've done the clothing before but never tried to be as "authentic looking" as possible. Any web sites on make up techniques? Any suggestions?

My hair white/blond is shaved & I'm considering a wig + beard (but it might be grown out to a billy idol spike length by the time I need it)...any feedback...does shaved head "say" male to people?

For the appendage I was thinking fairly simple socks.

I've never bound my breasts - any suggestions on what works best (I could be uncomfortable in it for a bit). Do Ace bandages work as well as anything else? Any homemade or inexpensive things I could use? An Ace bandage would be hard for me to get tight & I'd like to be able to slip it on/off easily with no assistence.

Anyone in the Seattle area recommend shops where a queer girl can go & play with make-up and/or wigs?