June 17th, 2005

little me

more on that christian coalition story..

Following on from the story about the Christian Coalition 'warning label' plan mentioned here the other day, here's a handy discussion debunking the study which claimed shorter lives for gay people. From the University of California critique:
Their conclusion – that homosexual men and women have a shorter life span than heterosexual men and women – provides a textbook example of the perils of using data from a convenience sample to generalize to an entire population
The UoC site also contains discussions of other statistically suspect studies used to foster homophobia - it's worth taking a look to see how the same strategies are used again and again.

Rev. John Danforth on Christianity, law, and policy

For us, the only absolute standard is the commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves.


Following a Lord who reached out in compassion to all human beings, we oppose amending the Constitution in a way that would humiliate homosexuals.

Rev. Danforth is a former Republican Senator from Missouri. From chuckcurrie, the LJ feed of progressive seminarian Chuck Currie's blog. Click the first excerpted sentence for the whole entry.

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