June 16th, 2005


This is a rude introduction,

I am helping with the development of medical research web-forms, we want to put a third choice for sex into the web-form to recognise the trans/intersex community. The current prototype has the options.


How do you feel about these options, if you are trans/intersex would you choose the option “other” and what if anything would you prefer was in the place of “other” the pronoun has to be short and we have to keep the form to three options.
Thankyou in advance for your input.
(X posted around)

just in time for pride

people might need some ideas for pride-season patches & t-shirts.
so please leave a comment with all the political queer/trans slogans you know!

i'll start off with a few:
"queer mutiny, not consumer unity"
"no pride in occupation"
"it's a movement, not a market"

ok, your turn.