June 4th, 2005

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Gays in comics

One of my past times includes reading vast amounts of comics. I used to by them up like no ones business. Stopped mostly due to money issues as keeping up with the various serise could've broken my little bank. Not too long ago I found this keen-o community of people that scan comics and share them over various P2P networks. Needless to say I dove into this head first and have been able to get back in touch with a media I love. Guilty for not paying - oh yes.

Anywho - so I am reading this one serise, The Authority, written by one of my favorite authors, Warren Ellis - a few issues into it it casualy comes out that two of the main characters are a couple - a gay couple. Of course I had little flash backs to my youth, the little boy that giggled himself silly and was comforted anytime even the smallest of gay references were made in movies or TV and the what-not. I mean, I had a crush on Jack Tripper form Three's Company, mostly due to way the show would joke around about Jack being gay since he lived with two women he didn't have sex with - that and he was, as well, a little light in ther loafers.

The two characters are Apollo, the blonde with some intense sun-based powers and Midnighter, who can calculate millions of combat outcomes before a fight and has no problem ripping out his opponents spines if the mood strikes him as such.

So, I went and extracted these pages and made myself a little collection, of which I wanted to share with you kids (how lucky are you?). I have 13 of them that I will be putting up - one everyday.

Here's the first

I do apologize for cross-posting

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