June 2nd, 2005

The Aggressives--documentary

The Aggressives
Daniel Peddle
(USA, video, 75 min, English)

They don’t aspire to be men, and they can’t be called drag kings, though they do participate in NYC’s predominantly African-American lesbian drag balls. This fascinating documentary reveals the lives of a varied group of aggressive women. Homeboy Marquise fosters a masculine image by strapping her chest until suddenly forced to live as a woman after enlisting in the army. Passing as a femme boy, Tiffany doesn’t identify as a lesbian because she only dates transgender men. Raw and uninhibited ex-con Octavia goes from drug dealer to construction worker. Androgynous Kisha balances her aggressive life with a career as a fashion model. The Aggressives is an insightful look at a little explored subculture.

This doc is premiering at the New Festival, the NYC LGBT film festival, on Friday--click above link for info. There's also a panel discussion about which info is here.

From the little I know about people who identify as AG, I am skeptical this description gets it right. Unfortunately I can't attend the screening either. But am curious what others think, if anyone's seen it, etc...

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Friday Five: "What 5 things/links/images come up when you Google your real name or your LJ name?

Friday Five: "What 5 things/links/images come up when you Google your real name or your LJ name?
Postqueer is an identity. What does Google or Yahoo ID your real/LJ name with?

(Influenced by an article in the NY Times about people who want to erase links/photos of themselves on Google.) I will start:

Real Name
1. Link to IMDB that reveals that I wrote a short film several years ago that did the Homo fest indie film circuit.

2. Link to former life as a _______ (fill in the blank).

3. Link to review I wrote on music site about tiny Japanese ukulele band.

4. Link to gaywad AP photo of me carrying epilady's really long wedding dress train.

5. Link to sites of theater festivals in Vienna and Finland that I worked at (bad memories of leather pants).

LJ Name
1. dozens of links from blogs to an entry about the subway I wrote last year.
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What do you think of Will and Grace?

Take the question any way you will. Is it a step forward, or a step back? Is any representation better than no representation? Is it "gay entertainment intended for straight people," as I've heard it described in the past? Or is it just a great sitcom, gay or otherwise?

I've never watched the show consistently, but after hearing it lauded as breakthrough gay TV, I thought that this would be an excellent place to get some opinions on the subject.
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NY Times: For Fruit Flies, Gene Shift Tilts Sex Orientation

June 3, 2005
For Fruit Flies, Gene Shift Tilts Sex Orientation By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL,International Herald Tribune

When the genetically altered fruit fly was released into the observation chamber, it did what these breeders par excellence tend to do. It pursued a waiting virgin female. It gently tapped the girl with its leg, played her a song (using wings as instruments) and, only then, dared to lick her - all part of standard fruit fly seduction.

The observing scientist looked with disbelief at the show, for the suitor in this case was not a male, but a female that researchers had artificially endowed with a single male-type gene.Read more...Collapse )
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