May 2nd, 2005

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To my lovely postqueer comrades,

My college GSA, Allies and Queers (of the College of Wooster), is working diligently to get a decent resource center. A place where we can have meetings, where people can come and check out books or videos, where queer or questioning students can find advice or at least a willing ear to hear their story, and where we can have a safe, accessible place for students to come to hang out or get information. We have been located in a literal closet on the third floor of a dorm that, in the past, has not been especially friendly to us (signs have been toor down, our door defaced) and since there was never the space to have office hours, the "resource center" has gone mostly unused in it's life, save simply functioning as a closet space to hold our meager library. Res Life is now reclaiming that space, as it finally realized it is simply a large closet, to expand closet space for the adjoining rooms.

Thankfully, due to the work of some of our members, we have almost secured a better location. It's larger: it's in a former club room, so it has space for us to hold office hours, where people can come and hang out, chat or take out books. It's more secure: the dorm is will be in is generally more friendly, it will be a first year dorm, and there will be extra security patrols. It has a better location: it's in a basement, not on the third floor. We will be moving into there next semester, hopefully, and as such, we can begin to have an even more visible presence on campus.

Now I come to the point. I responded to post a while ago on this community as someone was donating books they no longer needed. I ended up getting a couple of books from another member, which I just received today. Thank you. The deal is this: we have a budget for our group, just like any other campus group. However, due to new budgetary rules, we are not allowed to buy any print or video materials, which means no more new books or videos for students to check out and use. If we wanted to get those items, individuals would have to spend money out of pocket to purchase them for the group which, for a typical college student, is generally not an option, at least not a good one. Or we'd need to have them donated to us. We do have a number of books, but many of them are either out of date, or just older, and we'd like to have some new(er) material that would better suit the needs of the people we'd be serving.

This is where my plea comes in: if any of you wonderful postqueer folks have any materials, such as queer-themed books, videos, or other such materials that you'd be willing to donate, our group would very much appreciate it. We especially need things on transgender issues, as we have painfully little on that. If you find that you do have any materials you'd wish to or be willing to part with, you can respond to this post, or directly email me (, and I'll get you the shipping information. [In that case, I think you can get a cheaper shipping rate for books, media mail, I believe it's called. Just ask about it at the post office.] Also, if you can't donate anything, but have any ideas/contacts as to queer-themed bookstores or organizations that you know or you think might be willing to donate books or videos, that is welcome as well. Thank you very much, at least for even reading this far. I don't want this to sound desperate, or too pleading, but any help anyone is willing to give would be heartily appreciated.

Love and cookies,

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Hi, postqueer.

Hi. I'm new, got this addressy-thing from a friend of mine, kyssme. I don't really have much to say at the moment, I just thought I would announce my arrival. She was right, I think i'll fit right in here. I am leaving tomorrow for a one-month vacation, so I won't be able to make a proper post for a while.

^_^ Just thought I'd greet.

~ Feather.
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