April 13th, 2005

Help me craft a book list!

Hello everyone,

I teach at an urban community college and on the merit of being queer and volunteering for the course, have been assigned to teach "Literatures of Difference: Lesbian/Gay Writers." So help!

This is a 200 level undergrad course literature course- so think sophmores...

What should they read? What would you have wanted to read? Any suggestions are appreciated!


Canda rocks the multiparty system

Not only does Canada have the Liberals, the Conservatives, the NDP, the Green Party, the Marijuana Party (don't be sucked in, the only thing lefty on their platform is legalising marijuana), the Natural Law Party (central issue seemed to be yogic flying...) now we have the Sex Party. A self proclaimed serious political party devoted exclusively to sex positive issues. Check 'em out at www.sexparty.ca
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