April 12th, 2005

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Something that came though the Blue Feather (queer SCA) list

The residents of this small town voted 984 to 113 to deny gay couples any protections for their relationships whatever. Even hospital visitation rights. The man who set up the town's newspaper website, a man who calls Atwood his home, is now one of the undesirables. So he's taking down the website. And letting his neighbors know what it's like to be declared an enemy of society, even while you have long been one of its most solid citizens. The attack on gay relationships continues.


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Andrea Dworkin, 1946-2005

So Em and I were talking about this last night.

How strange -- and this is something i didn't know about her – that Dworkin found most of her inspiration in men, including her own partner. Because I remember how, a few years back, I used to sit in a quiet corner on the 8th floor of McKeldin Library and devour Dworkin, and Daly, and MacKinnon, and all the others, and they sort of taught me how to think about this nebulous concept called patriarchy, and I was all, Right on, fuck those bastards -- I was no fan of men back then, having just left that fold –- and that sort of fed my whole enlightenment or whatever. But then, of course, I found out how rabidly transphobic they all were, and it was like,


I mean, among other things -- AD's views on prostitution, porn, sex, male sexuality, and gender. Those are all things that I too had to change my mind about, eventually coming to disagree with her.

But I am still glad there was someone to say what she said, to present such a fierce critique. If she hadn't brought me to the point where I could fully critique what is wrong about those things, I would never have been able to appreciate what is right, or at least ok with them. So yes, I appreciate the complexity and ambivalence of Susie Bright’s analysis.

2003 SF Chronicle article about FTM's by Louise Rafkin

a friend e-mailed this article to me today, from 2003...thought others who haven't read it would be interested.

"Straddling Sexes" "Young lesbians transitioning into men are shaking the foundation of the lesbian-feminist world" - Louise Rafkin, Sunday, June 22, 2003 SF Chronicle

Rocco Kaisaris has agreed to meet me at a Mission Street cafe. Kaisaris is 23 years old, a hip-hop musician and an FTM - a female-to-male transgendered person. Born female, for the last two years he has been injecting male hormones (although unlike in the evolution of a transsexual, his gender change will not include genital reconstruction). I've yet to meet Kaisaris, so each time someone pushes through the door I make an assessment. Male? Female? Kaisaris?

After only 20 minutes, it becomes clear why the notion of two genders has become so limited: I can hardly tell who is what, or was born which way. The sinewy, bald African American athlete settled in with a newspaper looks female, but under those sweatpants could just as easily be male. Over in the corner, the chubby white person in a baseball hat hunched over a laptop playing solitaire seems male - but with a second glance I get she is female. I simply can't tell about two Latino youths at the next table - tattooed, pierced and (mostly) beardless.Read more...Collapse )