April 6th, 2005

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Gay-Themed Film Tests Sensibilities in India from the NY Times

MUMBAI, India, April 2 - Late last month, a low-budget drama called "My Brother Nikhil" opened in movie theaters across India, telling the story of a gay man's struggle with his family and his country after contracting the virus that causes AIDS.

Quietly, gently, "My Brother Nikhil" has tested the limits of the Indian cinemagoer's sensibility.

Commercially, it is no runaway Bollywood blockbuster; nor is it meant to be. Rather, its impact lies in having served up a story about love and loss - sentimental staples of contemporary Indian cinema - with a gay man at its center, and having done so without kicking up the slightest fuss from India's cultural conservatives. As one review published in the latest issue of Outlook, a mainstream newsweekly, put it, "The two lovers seem just like any other couple."

Playing here in Mumbai, formerly called Bombay, and in about a dozen other major cities in India, "My Brother Nikhil" is part of a new breed of Bollywood pictures known here as the "multiplex movie" - appealing to an urban middle-class audience, peppered with English phrases, and easy on the song-and-dance numbers and potboiler story lines usually associated with Indian commercial cinema.
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The Trans-Forming Feminism Conference looks to explore the intersections between the transgender and feminist movements, as well as where those intersections cross paths with race, class, religion, able-bodiedness, sexuality, etc.

Where: SUNY New Paltz: New Paltz, NY
When: April 23, 2005.
Registration begins at 8:15am
E-mail: transformfeminism@gmail.com
Website (online registrations, detailed info, etc): www.transformfeminism.com

Keynote:Imani Henry,Activist, Writer, & Performer

After Party Featuring:Chris Pureka,an amazing guitarist & lyrically-gifted folksinger

Sponsored by Riots Not Diets!, Social Change for Womyn, The Queer Student Union, Students Against Empire, Feminism Without Borders and the SUNY New Paltz Student Activity Fee.