March 18th, 2005

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Sublet Available April 15--June 1

Fully furnished, under-the-table studio sublet available from April 15--June 1 on the east side of Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA. Large studio, big separate kitchen, separate bath. 1920s apartment building, ground floor. $650 total (two weeks free). Subletter will reimburse for active PG&E and phone setup. Free broadband internet. Five minute walk to the Parkway Theater, close to Lakeshore and Grand Ave. Close to regular public transport--AC transit line 15 to 12th Street BART and transbay bus. Easy parking.
This is an incredible deal for someone responsible, accountable, communicative, and trustworthy. Please contact

Please feel free to forward this to people you'd trust subletting your own apartment to. Thank you!

Shamelessly X-posted pretty much everywhere

Just passing this along :) I'm not *in* the troupe per se, but I may be seen onstage in a schoolgirl outfit for one number. (Those of you who know me know that schoolgirl outfits are SO not my thing, so here's your chance to see me REALLY in drag!)
This is definitely not your mama's burlesque!


Queer Femme Burlesque
Hosted by Heywood Wakefield & Sweet Temptation!
Thursday, March 31st, 7PM, $7
@ The Elevens
Northampton, MA
What do a gold-digger socialite, a fierce Sicilian
mafiosa, a punkrock-hiphop princess, and an evil
ex-nun have in common? The one-and-only
Femmetastic Fatales!! While they're not busy
laundering money or lounging on sugardaddy's
yacht, these fabulous divas can be found workin'
it on stages across the Northeast with their
campy, kitchy, and oh-so-sexy Burlesque
performances. Queer and Femme with plenty of
tude, these vixens will shimmy, shake, and even
claw their way into your hearts.

...because you can't have class without the ass.

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looks like a fluffy good time

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Reposting from an e-mail from a film director friend of mine:
D.E.B.S. is the fabulous story of special agents (dressed in Catholic school girl uniforms)
who are recruited through the SATs to fight evil. As luck would have it, D.E.B.S. Special
Agent Amy and her nemesis Lucy Diamond fall in love...hilarity ensues. D.E.B.S was
Written, Directed and Edited by NYU Film School Alum Angela Robinson (whose next
movie is Herbie Fully Loaded, starring the lovely and, er, talented Lindsey Lohan).

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Los Angeles advice?

Hi Postqueer people. I've been lurking in this community for ages, reading all the discussions though I haven't quite managed to participate in any yet. I hope this post isn't inappropriate.

I'm a British graduate student in queer studies / English literature and identify, more or less, as a bi/pansexual (possibly veering more toward lesbian, these days) queer femme. I applied to the US for PhD programs and was accepted with full funding to study at USC. Initially I was very excited about this indeed, and any academic types here who are familiar with the USC faculty will know why.

But the more I find out about the campus and the more I think about moving to LA, the more second thoughts I have. It appears that the undergraduate component of USC is largely conservative, rich and obsessed with football - pretty much the antithesis of me and my interests. Also, I won't have a car. Or a driving license, though I will hopefully do something about that if I go.

If any of you are in Southern California or know it well, can you tell me what the queer/lesbian scene is like in LA? How gay-friendly the USC campus is? Where it would be sensible to live off-campus without a car if I can't get the university graduate housing? Anything at all that you think it might be useful for me to know? I visited LA briefly a couple of years ago and found things to like and things to hate, but I really don't know the place at all. I am visiting the university in two weeks and will hopefully get a sense of it all then, but I want to gather as many impressions as I can before I go.

For what it's worth and in the interests of full disclosure, I have another offer for the PhD in the UK that I'm also excited about, but I won't find out about funding there until July.

Further food for thought with respect to invisibility

Because I present as butch and am often read as a man, I usually take my readability as queer for granted. All of the recent posts about invisibility have made me reflect on what I think could be termed butch privilege. However, as I was reminded last night, even the presentation of female masculinity is no guarantee that one will be read as queer in all social contexts. Many people will only see what they want to see. Unfortunately we all have to deal with the heteronormative assumptions of a vast majority of society.