March 10th, 2005


Seattle - fundraiser for Saturday

ok, ok, I know it's local...but I'm stripping & possibly dildo swinging in the April show & I'm talking my postqueer self into it...I tried to be respectable...I really tried...

Contact:, for reservations

What are you doing this Saturday night?? ..... Come to a a Hot and Controversial Pah-tay!

Cafe Society/ Cabaret Fundraiser Party
Saturday March 12
8 PM to 11:30 PM

(Come by after your shows!! We'll still be entertaining and serving up libations!)

at On the House
1205 E Pike Street in Capitol Hill
Between 12th and 13th

All proceeds go towards Edge Theatre Productions' "Si Molesto Con Mi Canto", a Concert of New Socio-Political Works, April 1-3, at the Chamber Theatre.

Acts. of Protest. Scrumptious edibles and intoxications! DJ spinning. Musica! Hosted by suprise guest...Marie Antoinette (aka Nicole Pearson).

Performers/ readers/ singers include:

- Terry and Kari Podgorski, Orla Mc Govern, Dolphin, Ines Andrade, Diana Garcia-Snyder, Dorothy Cosby, Nicole Pearson and many more!

Dress in red and black (or wear whatever the hell you want!)...smolder in the darkness...speak in hushed tones (or loud voices!) about art and theatre and the sufferings of humankind...the craft...the movement...the revolution...!

A brief history of Café Society:
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