February 26th, 2005

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So, I am watching State of the Black Union and Keith Boykin is up there representing, which I LOVE. However, I have my own issues with him because he doesn't seem to understand that bisexual people exist... but now, listening to him talk to MY community, he doesn't acknowledge transgendered people either.

I don't know what his reasoning for this is... he'll be in Seattle soon and I will make sure to ask him... however, the reason why I am droning on and on in your ear is because it dawns on me: We think of it as the alphabet soup to say ILTGBQQSA (I include SA because they are usually perceived as and face discrimination with even if not always on par) as being ridiculous, funny, a site of jokes... but it dawns on me, watching people be forgotten, watching "lesbians" barely come plodding out behind gay, what the reason or brilliance of that is.... we have a model where diverse people and ideologies are represented and we STILL aren't finished.

Poly has been left out. Within the trans community, transsexual is starting to emerge to define the difference between transgendered and "trans" is becoming the umbrella. I am sure there are other things... but I think we should consider this.

Looking at my community, I figure the omission is because we (meaning blaqueers in all our shapes, sizes, ideologies, etc.) don't think the community at large "will understand" or "are ready for it" (what the fuck ever... we are all adults and we are dying because we are NOT bringing this conversation to the table) ... but that's my fight and my responsibility. But I would like to say that there is a reason for all those letters that we have forgotten...

We have forgotten, that if WE allow THEM... they will reduce us to one word pronounced like a slur... "black" anyone? (What I mean... I listen to people... and hear the pause most white people have right before saying it and then they push themselves forward and say it like they are spitting without being aware of what they are saying... and I have to be responsible for not allowing myself to point it out or be offended... I have to understand... it is NO GOOD THING to be simplified like that -- it's only easier to gather us all together and exterminate us (if I may be a touch dramatic)... think about it.)



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what does an ftm money shot look like?

if you could make an image of the ftm orgasm, what would it look like?

for me, these are 2 separate questions. i appreciate your answers, be as poetic as you wish....or not.