February 16th, 2005

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identities and non-identities

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The problem I'm having is that J feels uncomfortable with anything that uses sexual identity labels. To me, this is starting to actually contribute to the invisibility of queer students on campus. Examples:Collapse )

You get the idea. While I understand that not all non-heterosexual, non-cisgendered people identify with these labels, many or most do. How can I reconcile my acknowledgement that identities are complex and open with wanting queer students to have a visible presence on campus, and to be named and acknowledged as queer, gay, [all other identity labels here]? Is this a valid concern?

Many of you stand outside of the standard LGBT labels. What are your experiences with things named as 'LGBT'? How can I best explain my concerns to this fellow activist? Or, what might I be misunderstanding?
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Bush Admin. Muzzles Panel on Queer Suicide Prevention

Hello colleagues and friends,

Recently, I was asked to help present a workshop on suicide prevention among GLBT individuals, at the third in a series of five regional conferences on suicide prevention in the U.S. This particular conference covers Public Health Regions 9 and 10 (basically, the entire west coast). Following is a statement my co-presenters and I have prepared outlining recent chilling events surrounding our workshop.

One interesting thing to note - the two previous conferences, one in New Orleans and the other in Denver, contained workshops very similar to ours and were not a problem. The difference? Both were held PRIOR to the last election. We give permission to forward this to whoever you believe needs to read it:

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