February 10th, 2005

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Fun with Acronyms

From my brother mcloffs:

I just read this advice column where a sm'am is writing in and refers
to his SGSE (same-gender spousal equivalent). The advice sm'am uses
SBFTFTMCLMOMIMJ (spouse but for the fact that men can't legally marry
other men in most jurisdictions) in her response.

(Note: "Sm'am" is my brother's gender-nonspecific form of address.)
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pulp media blotter

The New York Times has this fun article about lesbian kisses during sweeps.

It's February; Pucker Up, TV Actresses

Published: February 10, 2005

On "One Tree Hill," "The O.C." and even "Wife Swap," Sapphic love is in the air. And why not? It's that extended prom night for television lesbians - sweeps.Read more...Collapse )

After reading this I was curious if the also visual/inexpensive/controversial/reversible spectacle of the interracial kiss, namely the Kirk/Uhura one on Star Trek that was the first ever televised, was also a sweeps stunt and by golly it did take place in November--but I have no idea if that was a sweeps time in 1969. This link also informs me that in fact the actors didn't really kiss, they just shot it to look that way.
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