February 9th, 2005


A question

I'm wondering if anyone here can help me out. I've been batting the idea around in my head about studying queer theory/gender theory/sex and sexuality. The only problem is that I don't know of any universities that have a good program in that. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend one to me. I live in Canada, but am willing to study outside of Canada...as I probably will have to. Thanks for any help that any of you can offer.

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What do you think?

The Faggot test

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I'm a Screaming Great Faggot!

I'm a Screaming Great Faggot! I like firecrackers. I like putting things inside me. The obvious combination of the two makes me squeal with glee. I am the most flamingly obvious faggot of them all. In fact I might as well have a great big neon sign above my head that says “Faggot” and run around the streets wearing nothing but a leather vest, a gag, and have a cricket bat stuck right up my arse.

What kind of Faggot are you?
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It's interesting that a lot of my LJ acquaintances have now taken the test and I seem to be the only one who's bothered by it. Am I a killjoy?

I went to the creator's web page. Ashley Parker is a 17 year old programmer and designer from Seymour, Tennessee. No gender or sexuality is given and it's impossible to tell from their writing.

Everyone seems to be assuming that's it's ironic or a queer in-joke. It's also been said that we are reclaiming the term. Personally, I don't feel that people who are not gay men can really reclaim the term. It's not ours to reclaim. Sure I've used fag or faggy to describe my fashion obsession and genderbending, but only with great affection and with people I know know what I mean. I wouldn't use the term publicly or out of that very specific context. And faggot (as opposed to fag) to me seems beyond the pale, not a term that has been reclaimed fully by gay male culture.  It feels hateful to me and while I can see men using it towards eachother in a highly sarcastic or ironic way, I don't think it's ok for me to use it.

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Center for Sex & Culture (San Francisco) new web site/events

Greetings! We've finally gotten set up with a stable mailing list situation and hope to be able to tell you (usually on a semi-monthly basis) what's going on at CSC. We're really just getting started in our still-rather-new space, but it's a great place and we have exciting plans for the future... starting this weekend with Nina Hartley!

So you can check out just what interests you, see the list just below this note; read down for short blurbs about each event. More detail is (or will soon be) available on the events page at our website: http://www.centerforsexandculture.com/pages/upcoming-events.html

Also, many of you are interested in our library. We're setting it up and hopefully will be able to hold a grand opening this spring. We have thousands of books and lots of other materials, too, and we are always happy to receive donations. We are a non-profit so we can offer a tax letter for these.

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presented for your analysis:

first i must confess my recent addiction to the Game Show Network. shhh...

has anyone seen this new (i think) show "dog eat dog"? there's one segment they sometimes have where a contestant has to distinguish the "real" man from amongst a bunch of "fake" ones, and the "real" women from "fake" ones. i'm conflicted between utter joy at getting to see a bunch o' hottt drag kings/queens/transwomen/transmen/gender deviant/other folk (they don't get a chance to voice their identities) on television in a context that isn't jerry springer/ricki lake/etc., and my repulsion at:

a. some of the disdainful looks of/comments made by the contestants
b. the whole idea of examining people and judging the "success" of their genders
c. the "joke" of it all--particularly in one segment when there was a large, deep-voiced transwoman/drag queen/i don't know this person's identity and everyone laughed hysterically at hir existence
d. the homophobic and/or transphobic digs (e.g. one contestant saying, "i want to say #4 is really hot, but i'm afraid that will make me look bad later)

on the other hand, out of the 4 times i've seen this segment, the contestant has been wrong 3 times. so i guess that's sort of showing the impossibility of essential gendered characteristics. furthermore, the "real" whatever is usually not representative of stereotypical gender norms (skinny, androgynous "real men" and hefty, deep-voiced yet over-the-top-femmed-out "real women") and these folks appear to be genuine members of the trans/drag/queer/gender deviant population/community.


(i hope you'll understand my extensive use of quotations and slashes to mean that i'm rejecting essentialism and trying to avoid assuming people's identities)

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