February 8th, 2005

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S. Bear Bergman (http://www.sbearbergman.com)/CLEARLY MARKED Spring Tour

[Hi, folks! Thought I'd send this along - if anyone wants to come to any of these shows please let me know; I will happily comp tickets to any show that isn't a benefit, and it'd be great to meet you. all the best, Bear]

15-18 Feb: University of Guelph, Guelph, ON.

11, 12, 13 March: benefit for Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco, CA

20 March: benefit for The Femme Conference. Seattle, WA; location TBA

1 April: NJULS Conference, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

9 April: Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, OH

15 April: Come Together Kentucky Conference, Western Kentucky University,
Bowling Green, KY

9 May: Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Note!: there are several tentative dates not listed here, and also
still some tour availability. See www.sbearbergman.com/tour for the most
current updated schedule.


! WINNER - Best SocioPolitical Play and BEST OF THE FESTIVAL, National Gay & Lesbian Theatre Festival 2004 !

CLEARLY MARKED is a hilarious, high-impact, thought-provoking theater piece that peels back the layers of the labels we all wear and digs in to what's underneath. As Bergman's signature warm and accessible storytelling begins to unfold on the stage, lines between categories start to blur and old labels start to have new lives. Also unique is the loving examination of Jewish tradition and community which Bergman - an observant Jew - brings
to the stage. In the revelation of a lifetime's worth of Bergman's accumulated identities, CLEARLY MARKED opens up a place for anyone to be more complicated than the label ze wears on top, and questions the society that demands we wear so few.

Fearless as ever, with CLEARLY MARKED Bergman grapples with religion, body image, gender, sexuality, and the perennial bathroom problem - not to mention life as the Little Jewish Ambassador, how gender is like a highway, being a fat kid, strategic lesbianism, gay marriage, and how to explain it all to your Aunt Petunia in a way that doesn't completely freak her out.

No matter what label you wear when you arrive, CLEARLY MARKED will send you home feeling both different from and connected to everyone around you - and you'll like the feeling.

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About S. Bear Bergman:

S. Bear Bergman is a theater artist, writer, instigator and gender-jammer; touring hir award-winning shows EX POST PAPA and CLEARLY MARKED around the country to colleges, universities and theater festivals, including the National Gay and Lesbian Theater Festival and the National Transgender Theater Festival. Ze has been heard and published in a variety of places, lives on the web at www.sbearbergman.com, and makes a home in Northampton, Massachusetts where ze is the very lucky husbear of a magnificent femme.