January 25th, 2005


My favorite 14 year old wrote this...

Dear Mr. Bush,
I don’t know if you will get this, seeing how you are the President but if you happen to read this I would hope you will consider all I say.  I am a 14 year old middle schooler who lives just outside Washington D.C, in Herndon VA. I live with my mother and my other mother.  Yes, my parents are gay!  I know you and your religion is against them, but from what I have seen my parents are very much in love.  You once spoke of how you met your wife and I am sure you two are very much in love, and even you know that no one can control love (in your case God can).  My parents can't control their love for each other and anyone can tell they are in love.  They have been together for about 6 or 5 years and two years ago Kendre(my step mom) proposed, but they can't get married.  Marriage to some is religious but it is also about love.  I know it is hard to expect new ideals but in this new world but new ideals are popping up all the time.  Because a real gay family (my family) lives so close to the White House, I would like to invite you to come and meet my parents.  My mother has come so far in life and I love and admire her so much, the one thing I want for her is to be with the person who she loves just as much as me and my brothers.  I also have three brothers; all are smart and doing well in the real world.  The oldest voted for you in 2000 and joined the army after September 11.  After spending months in Iraq he returned a different man and voted against you in the 2004 elections.  Because I don't want to give away my address right away, I will wait for you to write back and wait to hear your answer to the question of visiting a REAL gay family.  I think we could both learn about each other and our different beliefs.  Please consider this offer.                             
Sincerely, Lily A.

P.S. I hope to restore my faith in that our country is being run by a understandable and a good president.
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you should distract me by answering this question

what's more problematic?:

1. refusing to date a person with whom you feel mutual attraction because they have an identity or sexual orientation or other sex-related practice with which you are politically uncomfortable.

2. pursuing attraction to a person with whom you feel mutual attraction when you don't believe or respect their identity, when you strongly identify in a way that doesn't make room for their identity in your sphere of attraction, or when you know that they are politically uncomfortable with some aspect of your identity.

--in either case, how does it change if you are making categorical statements, rather than interacting with individuals?

there. feel free to make up examples, tell me that my either/or formatting of the question is irrelevant and unworkable, and give cases in which both scenarios are really wrong and in which both scenarios are perfectly acceptable.