January 23rd, 2005

did anyone WATCH the damn movie????

"[Hilary] Swank, 30, grew up in the same sort of trailer-park environment as did Maggie [the character she plays in the upcoming Million Dollar Baby] and, for that matter, Teena, the small-town transgendered woman she won an Oscar for playing in 1999's Boys Don't Cry."

--quoted from Time Magazine's January 24, 2005 edition (page 59)

not only did the dude call brandon teena a "transgendered woman," but i'm assuming he is referring to him as "Teena," since he mentioned the "Maggie" character by her first name.

i maybe possibly ever-so-slightly MIGHT understand the average non-queer person being unable to get the terminology straight without needing a patient explanation, but #1 all will become clear by watching the freaking thing and #2 you are a reporter. find out about these things before you write them.