January 7th, 2005

Donate to Queer art (in the form of my art)

No I'm not kidding. Click on the skeleton to donate to my (and everchanging ensemble's) rehearsal space & my adapted industrial strength walker fund. No the $ won't go to anything but creating raw & beautiful performance.

okay, I feel stupid asking for $, but hey, if Jerry Lewis and panhandlers can, I can too.

Please feel free to pass this to folks while I gather up the nerve too...but hey, it's LiveJournal...

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discussion group for partners of TG

I just got an e-mail about a new discussion board for:

* nontrans partners of transpeople;
* transpeople in intimate relationships with other transpeople;
* transpeople who are in intimate relationships with nontranspeople;
* friends, family, community of transpeople

SOFFA discussion board

It just started (I think today), so I'm forwarding this to the community. Please spread the word.

Yes, I Know This Community Isn't for Porn...

But since I don't feel that a porn community should be having big dramatic theoretical discussions (not because they're not valid, but because some of us visit these communities to *escape* that sort of thing for a few seconds), I'm going to talk about it here. What in the hell is going on in ftm_undressed? Let's see... what kind of problems can we see here...

Let's ignore the obvious "Why were you looking at porn at work? Why not just create a work filter for your friends page?" simple issue. Let's read the comments. Apparently the community is too full of "femme porn", even though when it was created it was made clear that it was welcome and open to everyone. Way to tear down bodies and identities that you don't find hott. Thanks. Also, what's up with me being told that I don't get an opinion (albeit it an originally rather crass and sarcastic one) because I'm a nontrans woman? Honestly. What planet are we on? I do agree that certain issues should have their discussions lead by certain people... but I don't see how in the hell the original topic was trans-exclusive nor do I see how my comment could be seen as a nontrans person taking over an issue that had nothing to do with her.

This post, to me, is a metachasm of all sorts of fucked up attitudes that I see all over the place. Divisiveness because of ignorance. Just plain ignorance! Femme-phobia, which to me is almost more offensive when brought about by people that know what it's like to have phobia work against them being accepted. You'd think that "you don't have to like me, just leave me alone" wouldn't be too hard for other oppressed peoples to grasp, but I guess activist history has shown us time and again that this isn't true. Basically, I'm pissed off and I'm tired of feeling like I'm talking to elementary school students. Why is it so hard to leave your neighbor alone until he actually does something to do? What in the world would make you think your personal perferences and beliefs are absolute and universal? Sometimes I feel on the verge of just leaving livejournal all together. Apparently even communities that are supposed to be all happy pictures and stories of and about people being hott just the way they are has to become a dramafest filled with ignorant motherfuckers who shouldn't be allowed to own computers. Once again, last comment-- crass. I'm a sarcastic bitch sometimes. You'd think by this age we'd have all learned the difference between sarcasm and being totally offensive.
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