January 6th, 2005

Vendetta Thinks You're Stupid

Iran's sex change operations


I found this interesting article on bbc.com.

"In a country that has outlawed homosexuality, Frances Harrison meets one Iranian cleric who says the right to a sex change is a human right."

"That has meant that clerics like Hojatulislam Kariminia can study transsexuality - unlike homosexuality which is completely forbidden in Islam and illegal in Iran.
"I want to suggest that the right of transsexuals to change their gender is a human right," says the cleric, who is so fascinated by the subject that he says he dreams about the transsexuals he has studied at night."

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Hey postqueer people! I'm not sure if anyone is interested here, but I've got a new zine out, Aubergine #2. The writing isn't anything new to those of you here, but the description I've posted on some of the zine communities here is this:

It's 1/2-size and 16 pages. Opens with a piece on my theory of coming out as a Capitalist construct, moves through my continuing struggles with coming-out to my family, a rant on the medical establishments treatment of queer and trans individuals' lives, and much more + book reviews.

It's $2 (*well concealed cash*) to Claire, POB, 751911, Houston, TX 77275-1911

I hope it's okay to post about it here. I just thought some of you might be interested. Thanks! :)