January 5th, 2005

Age of Innocence
  • calysto

New ACLU Community, aclyou

     I noticed LiveJournal didn't have an open community devoted to the ACLU so I created one, aclyou. The ACLU does a lot to support GLBT rights so I'm sure it will be a common topic. All are welcome to [join] and discuss the ACLU and civil liberties provided the conversation remains respectful and thoughtful.
  • cattack

OT: Hey, Bay Area People...Tartufi + Nomi Lamm This Thursday

(REPOST from my roomie, Simone)


**Come ring in your new year's resolution for more action, beer, and rock'n'roll at the biker bar of your dreams, our beloved SF Eagle.

TARTUFI finished their debut full-length record, which is slated for a March 2005 release. Come celebrate! We've got big plans and you are a part of them.
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