December 26th, 2004

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"Lesbians and Transgenders Struggle for Shelter" (FWD)

A friend forwarded this article to me. The article is highly problematic(e.g, not all people who might be socially defined as women who partner with women define themselves as lesbians), but still worth the read.

Lesbians and Transgenders Struggle for Shelter
By Justine Nicholas - WeNews correspondent

(WOMENSENEWS)--During her six years of homelessness, Jay Toole, a woman with a masculine appearance who now works for a homeless advocacy group, learned to fear homeless shelters.

Beatings and rapes of lesbians by guards and other workers in the shelters in which she occasionally lived were frequent, says Toole. Fights among residents could flare up when straight women didn't want to share showers and other facilities with women they perceived as lesbians.
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