December 16th, 2004

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Book Club Reminder

This Sunday, 12/18, we discuss.......oh geez, it's either Amy Bloom's Normal or I Do/I Don't.


I am highly disorganized this week but hope to have it together for the actual event.

The Mgmt.

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Was Abraham Lincoln a gay American? Book Review from the NY Times

December 16, 2004
Finding Homosexual Threads in Lincoln's Legend

Was Abraham Lincoln a gay American?

The subject of the 16th president's sexuality has been debated among scholars for years. They cite his troubled marriage to Mary Todd and his youthful friendship with Joshua Speed, who shared his bed for four years. Now, in a new book, C. A. Tripp also asserts that Lincoln had a homosexual relationship with the captain of his bodyguards, David V. Derickson, who shared his bed whenever Mary Todd was away.

In "The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln," to be published next month by Free Press, Mr. Tripp, a psychologist, influential gay writer and former sex researcher for Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, tries to resolve the issue of Lincoln's sexuality once and for all. The author, who died in 2003, two weeks after finishing the book, subjected almost every word ever written by and about Lincoln to minute analysis. His conclusion is that America's greatest president, the beacon of the Republican Party, was a gay man.
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