December 8th, 2004

Nike the Plusle

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I don't know why, but lately I have been desiring to be male more often tan I have before. There were always moments throught my life where I wished I were male, but not like this. Usually, I can supress it and forget about it. But lately, I have been somewhat "honey" and "manly" in ways I am not used to. I mean, I have ben wanting sex, real sex, with a woman, and wished I had a penis to put into her...not that I had anyone in mind to have sex with...anyway, I don't know what all this would mean, and I am not quite sure what I should do about it.
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ftm & femme drag duo at WOW in NYC Thurs, Fri, & Sat

Bucky & Bebe's Holiday Hootenanny!

starring Buck Shot & Bebe Gunn
Thurs - Sat, December 9 - 11, 2004, 10pm
$10, or what you can afford
WOW cafe theater
Reservations and Info: 212-777-4280
59 e 4th st between 2nd ave and the Bowery

A collection of queeriginals, transtastic boi-grrl duets and smart-ass sing-a-longs designed to wow all urban revelers!

Bebe Gunn aka Shana Scudder is a hot high femme talent out of North Carolina with a voice like honey and a gleam in her sexy eye!

Drag King Book centerfold Buck Shot aka Anderson Toone was an original WOW festival performer and is a longtime fixture in the drag and punk firmament, most recently as Frankie in the all-singing, all-kinging Frankie Tenderloin & the Rent Boy$. Bucky & Bebe's Holiday Hootenanny is guaranteed to ring in the season with a cock-eyed smile.

see Http:// & for more info