December 7th, 2004

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Jane Magazine survey: Have you ever been discriminated against as a
consumer because of your sex?

eeka: I've not ever been in a position as a consumer where I provided
a DNA sample or a view of my genitals. Regarding whether I've been
discriminated against because of my perceived gender, that's a
different matter.
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New Community

Hello. I started a new community that concerns the politics of San Francisco: sf_cityhall.

It seemed relevant enough to post here, since a lot of the people on this list either live in San Francisco or are interested in the politics of that city. Since San Francisco is known for its lgbt/genderqueer population, I'm sure a lot of the discussions will revolve around those type of issues. 

Today I posted a comment Supervisor Ammiano made in the Board of Supervisors role call about his feelings around the networks banning the United Church of Christ ads. (I regularly watch the Board of Supe meetings and other city meetings on Cable Access 26.)

San Francisco is a pretty neat city when you consider that at least two of the eleven member Board of Supervisors are gay (maybe more; I don't know the personal lives of all of them), and there is a transgendered individual serving on the Police Commission: Theresa Sparks. It's hard to imagine a MTF individual serving on the Police Commission of any other city! (Except perhaps Berkeley)

Terminology Question

Today someone in a college class I take did a presentation on drag queens, which included some terminology. The presenter said that the word "transgendered" was used for someone who feels like another gender but has not yet transitioned, and the word "transexual" was used for people in the process of transitioning.

I hadn't heard this distinction before; I pretty much thought that the terms were interchangeable. It could be that the presenter got his information from one person and took it as fact...