December 6th, 2004


Odd Hormone Levels

While several people take drugs to alter their hormone levels, mine have been naturally abnormal for a couple of years now. This is pretty interesting, because as this has happened, I have definitely been more conscious of feeling more like a guy than a woman. Which leads me to believe that gender is more than just a social construct: the hormones being pumped into your body affect whether you feel more like one gender or another (in addition to many other factors of course.)

More about the whole hormone thing in my journal - I've kept it public right now to receive comments:

(On a somewhat related note: When I started my livejournal account a few months ago, I chose "androgy" as the prefix for my user name because I was feeling particularly third-gender like, and androgy appears at the beginning of the word androgynous. Typically androgynous imples no sexual characteristics, but I was thinking of a looser definition of some state between male and female.)