November 22nd, 2004


Books/ Social/ etc

Hello all...

I'm a quirky queer beastie currently residing in Chicago. If we haven't met online yet...please feel free to check out my user page for more info or my website

now on to my point of this post.

I am adding books to my Amazon wishlist and I really want to add some good books on Queer and Trans culture to my collection and thought that I would ask my fellow postqueers about what their favorites are. I generally prefer non-fiction and I'm a Social Sciences major, with a focus on getting my masters in Human Sexuality so I like things that look at the cultural and social aspects of whatever subject i'm analyzing.

I want to read authors that are open and take in as many aspects as possible (ie not close minded with good dialogue, etc).

Do you find that queer authors write better queer-oriented books? Is it ridiculous for someone who is not queer to tackle what might be considered queer subjects?

Love to hear from other Social/ Cultural addicts :)