November 20th, 2004


Opinions please

Hi, everyone -

I want your opinions, please.

Here is a 'joke' that was posted on a group I belong to:

What do you call a straight stone femme? Married!

Personally, I find this highly offensive and insulting. What is everyone else's opinion?

PQ Conference?

By the way. . .

Remember we were once talking about having a big PQ conference, possibly in Vegas? What ever happened with that? Is someone working on possible plans, or did the idea just die out?

Which country has more rights & resources for gays and lesbians? Choose: Mexico or America.

The answer to the subject line is "Mexico", which despite being a catholic based country, has no laws which criminalize homosexuality.
Here is a very interesting page:

To get to the interesting link, you have to click on "gay guide UK and Worldwide." in the leftmost column. Then you will get drop-down menus that allow you to see a rating for each country on gay/lesbian rights & resources. The U.S. gets 3/5 (the same as Turkey!), and Mexico gets 4/5.

Some notable facts about different countries (from best to worst):
 From Germany(5/5) to Egypt (0.5 / 5)Collapse )