November 14th, 2004

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Pimping my mom

Hey all you NY-area Postqueerians!

My mom omohyoid is leaving sunny Hawaii and coming to town for a few weeks. While here, she'll be offering her incredible bodywork to all y'all with chronic pain, injury-related imbalance, and structural irregularities. This is no "rub, rub, makes you feel good" Swedish-style massage. She's trained with world-class osteopaths, physiologists, LMTs, and physical therapists for over a decade now and possesses uncanny skills and an awe-inspiring knowledge of anatomy - her aim is to fix the thing that caused the pain in the first place, and keep it fixed. She books up pretty quickly and already has quite a following in NYC, so if you want your shoulder to stop aching or your sinuses to stop running or your intestines to stop twisting or your TMJ to stop locking - contact Carol directly:

Long, technical, but informative blurb about what she does below (and yes, she really does talk this way):Collapse )
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How to discuss complicated queer identity issues with kids and other family members

I will admit this is a selfishly motivated topic. I'll be talking to my closest aunt this week, "coming out" (quotation marks because I've been out for years, the family is just confused as to the details) in hopes of helping her understand where I'm at to avoid further awkwardness over the holiday season--she hosts all the big parties and gatherings and is Coordinator In Chief of the family gossip chain. She herself wavers between really open and really conservative, so I'm going to be careful not to push any envelopes; I don't want to be her best friend, I just want to be able to hang out with my family without too much weirdness. You know the scenario.

Anyhow, figuring out what to say to her is hard enough, and then it occurred to me that her first question is going to be, "well, I respect that, but what the hell am I going to tell my kids?" Which is, I think, a fair enough question. So I thought about it. Now, "gay" I could answer pretty simply--"he's a boy who falls in love with other boys," etc. "Transgender" is a toughie, but I could probably do that--"he was born a little girl but as he was growing up he figured out he should be a boy, so that's what he is now." But already I am skating on some thin ice...I don't think I can formulate answers for anything more complex than that.

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Thoughts? Whether on what you would do/have done, or on the general issue of having an identity so unusual or layered most people have no clue what you mean when you say it. Oh and if you think I *am* a dork and am just worrying too much, be nice about it. :p


Was wondering if anyone had seen the movie Elephant.

It's Gus Van Sant's fictionalized portrayal of Columbine. My reactions to it are mixed, but I want to focus on one aspect in relation to this post: Why did Van Sant feel the need for the killers to kiss each other in the shower -- and presumably more as the scene cuts out? We have implied lovers.

None of the news reports since Columbine have validated any sort of relationship between Klebold and Harris, so Van Sant added this little touch himself. Indeed all of his characters are made up (without direct 1:1 correlation to actual Columbine individuals), and yet -- there is no mistaking the event that inspired the movie.