November 12th, 2004

It's not cockjaw, I've just been yawning a lot

So I finished reading that Patrick Califia book I started a while back. (For your reference, it was Speaking Sex to Power which is purportedly about the politics of queer sex, but is actually mostly about his transition from female to male.) And I started reading a book of essays on gay male sexuality I picked up because it had a piece by Matt Bernstein Sycamore, who I have recently become irrationally fascinated by, and also included two or three kinda non-binary gender folks which is unusual for male-oriented queer books. (For your reference, that one is called The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name. Don't blame me for the hokiness, blame the publisher.) Coincedentally, Califia's article "Trannyfags Unzipped" is included in both his own book and this second anthology. But it is...another post entirely.

At some point in the middle of Simon Sheppard's "The Sluts of San Francisco" I must have reached some kind of macho "sex-positive" saturation point. I noticed some steam coming out of my ears, so I put the book down and went looking for some kind of brain coolant. Ah, yes.

Now lifting up the hood, what seems to be the problem here?Collapse )


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The Friday Numerical Series - Five Senses, plus one

1. Sight - post a favorite picture. It can be of yourself or of something/someone that speaks to you.

2. Hearing - What musical genre(s) are you currently listening to? Briefly describe your musical progression and tell us how you got here.

3. Touch - Tell us about your favorite fabric. Why is it your favorite?

4. Smell - What perfume/cologne do you wear? Why do you like it? If you don't wear a scent, what is the scent you love the most?

5. Taste - What food could you not live without? What food do you detest? Why?

6. Text - What sorts of books are you most likely to be found reading these days? Tell us why you prefer SF/non-fiction/historical romances/crop circle speculations/whatever you're reading these days.
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