November 11th, 2004

ready to jump

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hey folks,

i know that this is off subject (won't be offended if a deletion is made), but was hoping that you might be able to help with something specific. plus, a bunch of y'all are from s.f. and may know what i'm talking about!

i'm looking for an all women owned and operated tattoo parlour in s.f. named "black & blue." i found them about a year ago online, but they seem to have closed operation since. i've done a bunch of google searches and two addresses keep coming up (14th st; guerro st). more specifically, i'm looking for the two artists who specialized in botanicals. if you have any info for any of the artists there, i'd be so indebted. i'm making a trip out to ca in january and would love to finally see the design set in. . . skin?! ha!

thanks in advance.

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