November 9th, 2004

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Recently, I posted in my journal my thoughts about gay marriage as perceived as a wedge issue between some LGBQT folks and some Black Christians, and a responder linked me to a thought-provoking article by Kenyon Farrow -- Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black?" -- that came out in September of this year.

I live in Oregon, where Measure 36 was just passed and, should the measure hold, soon our state constitution will be amended to define marriage as between one man and one woman. I've worked a bit on the No on 36 campaign, but with some reservations. I personally don't feel that (for me) state-mediated legal marriage is something I want to participate in, and in an ideal world I don't believe that the status anyone's relationship would be defined by the government. But, we live in this world, not the ideal one of my imagination.

I've been torn on the issue for a couple of other reasons as well. I've been moved to speak against Measure 36 on a personal level because my partner and I rely heavily on our dual coverage of insurance benefits for the well-being of our two children, and I'm concerned about losing our domestic partnership rights. And I'm pissed about paying taxes on the insurance because I'm in a non-heterosexual rather than heterosexual relationship. Also, there's the equality thing, the non-discrimination thing. You know the drill.

But, I also am committed to being thoughtful about my white privilege and in weighing carefully the ways that my white privilege informs (or fails to inform) my work in the LGBQT movement, especially in framing (or not framing) gay rights as civil rights, but in other ways as well.

The article below requires an investment in careful reading, but I'm hoping (very much) that some of you will be able to dedicate time and thought to it. I'm interested in fully understanding the author's perspective in relation to others' perspectives, and in informing my own perspective in that way. I'm looking for a reasoned, authentic discussion, in other words -- for myself, but also for our community -- and this is an invitation of sorts.

So, consider yourself cordially invited.

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