November 8th, 2004

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Conference announcement and call for proposals: Trans Politics, Social Change and Justice (x-post)

Conference announcement and call for proposals: Trans Politics, Social Change and Justice

The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) invites proposals for workshops, panels, papers, poster presentations, films and performances for a conference on "Trans Politics, Social Change, and Justice" to be held May 6-7, 2005 in New York City. This conference will provide a venue to strengthen activist and research networks, incite dialogues, share research, and create resources central to creating social change for trans people.

Proposals are due December 15, 2004</u>.

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For more information on the conference and updates, visit

for postqueers in NYC

A friend asked me to spread the word about this:

Lavender Light: The Black and People of All Colors Lesbian and Gay Gospel Choir will be holding auditions for women and men who have gospel
music experience. We are especially seeking altos and sopranos.

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Lavender Light Gospel Choir is dedicated to keeping alive the Black gospel music tradition in an environment supportive to Lesbian and Gay
people, with a special ministry to Black Lesbians and Gays. Through our performances and recordings, we seek to uplift, entertain and educate. We strive to be a visible force in this world, offering strength, peace and hope to our members and to our audiences.

Bush to continue pursuing the constitutional amendment against gay marriage in second term

Or, Bush makes good on the rumors that a theocracy is imminent?

Bush to Seek Gay-Marriage Ban in Second Term, Top Aide Says

Published: November 7, 2004

read on if you can stand it--he's also looking for 'impartial umpires' on abortionCollapse )

I don't know that any of this is exactly news, but seeing it laid out like that and how hateful the language is...
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