November 5th, 2004

  • bearsir

thank you, thank you, thank you

Wow. Thank you for the overwhelming response. For all of those who wrote or commented to ask what you could do, and what I was up to:

What you can do:

a) send money, or encourage other people to. Or both. The goal is 100 people giving $5 per month from now through March.

b) start making a list of people in your area who have been vocal about gay marriage - for, against, or other - and get contact information for them, if possible. Hang onto that list until I ask for it. (I'll post here and to my own LJ)

c)point other people in Those Eleven States to this answer.

What I am up to:

My plan is to tour these eleven states with my friend and co-conspirator Scott Turner Schofield, and stage at least one huge, public, interactive "Gay Marriage" theater event in each state - a version of his Gay Marriage Project. We'll work with local folks to create site specific scripts reflecting the local views, get everyone together to hear one another out, perform a highly visible Gay Marraige, possibly including: actors playing police officers to try to end it, people "speaking now or forever holding their peace," at least two queer couples (either actual or actors), drag queen bridesmaids and drag king groomsmen, protestors for, protestors against, the local media, et al, et al. We'll get everyone together, make everyone hear everyone else out (no matter how whacked out they may be) by taking their statements ahead of time, chopping them up/hacking them/remixing them, and making everyone hear one another through a new lens of contradiction and also compassion. Then, we'll all eat cake together.

Hey, I'm Jewish, what do you want from me? First we fight, then we eat together. This is how /I/ make change.

I've been thinking a lot lately.

I've always wanted to put together a "glbt families" march. But, you know, I've never really been motivated. NOW, of course, I am.

This is the concept as far as I've thought it through: a grass roots movement to take back the word "family" and to reach out to people who don't believe that they've ever met a glbt person in their life. I'm tired of being viewed as the Other. I'm tired of being viewed soley on the basis of my sexuality. I want people who are against "gay marriage" because its "anti family values" to know that I have a family too. And that my family (whether that family be my partner and my children, or my parents, or my friends, or my brothers and sisters, or my coworkers or all of those people) loves me and cares about me and that I love them.

And so here is what I propose: a March for Family sometime just before the next presidential election. But this march wouldn't just be one big March in DC or NYC or San Fran. It would be small marches all over the country in small towns. In places where people think that they don't know any glbt people or know anyone who loves a glbt person. We would ask for volunteers from small towns to organize marches in those town.

Additionally and leading up to the March, there would be a website, We Are or something similar. This would serve serveral purposes, to help disseminate info about the march and to assist in organizing it, but also to foster an outreach program.

Other things could also be coordinated through the website. I would love to, for instance, start another outreach program to conservative churches. We would ask people who identify of a certain faith to join a conservative congregation of that faith and, hopefully, engage in a meaningful dialogue with the congregation.

It's all sketchy now. But, this is what has been on my mind. The concept is NOT to confront or be angry or shake fingers. The concept is to reach out to those who will not come to us and educate.

What do you think?