November 1st, 2004

bad bunny

inclusive t-shirt designs

Ok. Visibility campaign on a midwestern college campus. T-shirts. We're trying to come up with a design that is all-inclusive and that both GLBTQA+ people and straight/gender-normative people will wear. I'm gonna throw a few of our ideas out there - tell me how to improve them, what would be better, etc. A couple of notes, though: we're trying to go with funny, but not provocative. Our campus is such that a good number of people do not know what GLBTQA means, not in the slightest, and we often get people who don't recognize the rainbow thing. Also, the t-shirts are going to be one ink color for cost issues; and it's ok if people don't immediately know what the shirts mean, because we're planning on following up with an editorial in the paper here. OTOH, some recognizability would be good. Here's a few thoughts:
  • Something that simply says "Ally", or a variety thereof; along with an upsideown traingle or something to indicate glbtqa. I'm kind of a fan of the phrase "flaming ally"; the problem along these lines has been GLBTQA folk who don't ID as allies.
  • Something multiple choice-ish, along the lines of "I am: a) straight b)none of the above c) Sparticus", or including other options, etc.
  • The phrase "Straight! Not?" or "Not? Straight." (Although, this and the one above don't necessarily include those trans folk who *are* straight, y'know?)
  • A triangle on the front and "Not that there's anything wrong with that..." on the back. Some people thought this one wouldn't necessarily be recognized as a glbtqa thing, which I find hard to believe, but hey, you never know.
  • Not sure where this is going, but something playing off of things that are easily recognizable as GLBTQA issues - like "Ask. Tell." (off of Don't ask, don't tell), or something with straight lines and curvy lines, etc...

We had some other ideas, too, but those are the better ones. Any thoughts, likes/dislikes?