October 19th, 2004


Please stop HR 10 (Anti-immigrant measure)


HR 10 is a section in the new 9/11 intelligence reform bill, that was just passed by the House, but is awaiting reconciliation with a Senate bill. The Senate is far more opposed to this section than the House.

From what I understand, part of the impact of this section will be to deport asylum seekers back to countries where they will be tortured. It's being slipped into a big patriotic bill on National Security because it would never ever pass if it were considered on its own merits.

Fear-mongering, xenophobia and back-door deals - this is the American dream?

Tell 'em NO: you can send a form letter drafted by American Immigration Lawyers Association (you can edit the letter before sending it through a web form) here:

You can also get contact information for your representatives at the link at the top.
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